Montrose Community Pasture   05-03



SNOCRUISE will drive your snowmobile for you, if we have to cross a road way.

SNOCRUISE will check with you often, to make sure your gear and your snowmobile is functioning properly.

SNOCRUISE will stop often so you can communicate with your friends and family!

SNOCRUISE is there when you get stuck! Getting stuck is half the fun!

SNOCRUISE is always there at just the right time to take some snaps for you that you can share with the world!

If you need us to pick something up at the store SNOCRUISE can help!

If your feeling like you are in over your head just wave! SNOCRUISE is there to help!

If you need someone to call home and make excuses, or set the VCR, SNOCRUISE can do that too!

SNOCRUISE always, when ever possible, tries to end our day with a nice Sunset.

 And originally I wasn't sure about this idea!

Pull'in the skis in Montrose.

Perfect Saskatchewan Powder Snow.................Sugar Frosted H2O.