New YouTube videos coming up for sure in 2020
Ride along in No-Rock NISBET FOREST with us! Our videos are not Wreck-fest action videos that you see popular on various YouTube channels...not to say you can't learn something from them!!! There is certainly something to be said about riding with a buddy...riding carefully in new terrain...riding groomed trails at the speed limit...for that matter if the trail actually is in a forest, man take it down a notch...speed limit or not someone will pretend they are at the Grand Prix...most of us have been guilty at one time or another but sooner than later....I will post some LINKS to interesting videos that we can all learn something from at a later date.


-The thumbnail off to the right is a screen print of our YouTube Channel as it looks now in Oct 2019. The G-Mail account photo used in the top corner was taken in the "Thick Wood Hills". In some of our early snowmobile days this was a destination...until we had a low snow year and saw what was all Around us. We had been riding over and around a lot of rock with out knowing it. Boys Behaving Badly. Need I say more. Times changed a long time ago. We abandoned the area as a destination.

-The large back ground photo on the channel is one taken in like 1995 or so. Yea I had watched for this  particular homestead to re-photo ever since. Here we discover on our last ride of 2018! Conceding we were running "Hog Wild" no customers, no kids, yada yada I am surprised we didn't miss it!

-The Channel opens with one particular video, one I selected that is a first for me for several reasons. Importantly this day was the  First  ride of the year and was special because we a had a newbie on board, it was also a bit of a landmark for me personally as well! I tried a  Go-pro  on one of my V-Max Triples for the first time, the Blue Max  I am riding was just set up with new dually carbides and front spring preload. Yea I was having a  Hoot!  Did I clip a few branches!

-When a new watcher opens our YouTube page for the second time a different video is featured. LANGUAGE warning! We were probably 50 miles from home base on the  Last Day  of a 3 day ride. It was minus 25 easily when we pulled out of our northern remote staging area in the morning. It had been a long ride, lots of blowing snow out in the open, semi blizzard like conditions, (somewhat visible in the back ground of stills and video)...A field fence line forced the turn around in the first seconds of the video. A hidden blow thru ridge was camouflaged in the white out conditions on the crest of that hill, which overlooking the deep snow cat tail filled slough bottom off to the south east...You will note the SR7 video makes a few abrupt up and downs @ W.O.T. as this bank is crossed a few times. Just about everybody was Stuck once, some up to 3 times. It was getting old at the time, but in the middle of summer I watch it and would be just thrilled to go back in time and do it all over again, The privilege of reliving the past on video!

-The balance is a few of favorite videos and You Tubes arrangement of the Playlists that are links on the page of photos representing rides as published in our TRAIL RIDES Archives.


A Variety of our YouTube Videos
(You can adjust your browser to 300%,
 for detail in these "still"
  YouTube clips)





 VIDEO:  VideobySR7KiD 190422V 


 Stop to stop from the first duct tape job straight to the next duct tape job! What color of duct tape do you have? We pull into an abandoned church to get out of the weather for a while. I take up singing! Its been a lot of years since I was tossed from the church choir as a kid!

 VIDEO: Yourstruly 190412V


Make 'in tracks in deep -30 crystal power Yahooo!! 

 VIDEO:  Yours truly 180408V







 Man a real nice day, a few first timers on our 700's, so ya a few miles of getting familiar with the sled, nice cross county, points of interest, Lost, yup kinda lost in the NISBET, well I will settle for turned around! Nothing a brain transplant wouldn't cure! LOL Boys and Girls ride 150KM lots of Nisbet bush trails, we cross the  North Branch and BBQ back in the trees. And do I ever like the smooth hum of that triple resonating thru the camera, even at idle she sounds good. Unfortunately I turned another tripod into scrap somewhere across the river in the trees. But she ran 145 or something in a short spurt out of Lindsay cemetery, a stop we couldn't spend time at but has a great story!  I swap with our Gal on board and melt some ice out of her track enclosure. Yahooo!!  

 VIDEO: Yourstruly 180616V


This is one of our special rides thru "Nature" experiencing our Nisbet forest up close and center!



 VIDEO: Yourstruly180106V


OK one of the boys we ride with has a saying when pointing to the pull start rope handle on a snowmobile.

"See that rope there, once you pull on that rope shit is going to happen, well at this time we are not sure what that is..."

But yup Shit does happen.  .

 VIDEO:  Yourstruly  180401V

 VIDEO:     video by Clifford!  180402V

RIDE: CHOICELAND   17-03/04/05V F
 DAY THREE pm  17-05.2 VF

Out of the corner of my eye I sees something you would only see in Saskatchewan!! Frozen in time a 90's New Holland
Combine is froze solid in a big slough.


 VIDEO:  VideobySR7KiD  170513V

RIDE: CHOICELAND  17-03/04/05V F
 DAY THREE pm  17-05.2 VF

The transition from field to slough and back again has me "do'n a double take!" 


 VIDEO: : video by Clifford!    170510V

RIDE: CHOICELAND  17-03/04/05V F
  DAY TWO   17-04 VF

New snow, and lots of small banks caught in the Bulrushes!


 VIDEO:  VideobySR7KiD   170406V  

RIDE: CHOICELAND  17-03/04/05V F
  DAY TWO   17-04 VF

Hang on this triple is howling! "Laughing as we go". "Blasting thru the snow on a
horse sleigh!"


 VIDEO:  VideobySR7KiD   170406V  

RIDE: CHOICELAND  17-03/04/05V F
 DAY TWO    17-04 VF

Drag races are happening about every 10 minutes with these guys! Ya Ya T.P. the speedometer never went over "100" because it is in "MPH"!!

 VIDEO:  VideobySR7KiD  170404V  

RIDE: CHOICELAND  17-03/04/05V F
  DAY TWO    17-04 VF

FORMULA ONE style we are scream 'n down the
Whitefox River! Formula One couldn't be this much fun!

 VIDEO:  VideobySR7KiD  170404V 


Carving back and forth around the fence lines and on the borders of small lakes in the new snow we are riding
 SHOTGUN  on the stubble fields covering the countryside.


 VIDEO:   Video by Vieko!  160708V  


Carving back and forth around the fence lines and shorelines of small lakes, watch for the "Off side" where the snow IS NOT bonded to the ice!! LOL A little HEART BEAT at speed!! we are riding
 SHOTGUN  on the stubble fields covering the countryside.


 VIDEO:   Video by Vieko!  160707V


We are looping in and out of all the little clover shaped bays on these little lakes FORMULA ONE/SHOTGUN  STYLE .




 VIDEO:  Video by Vieko!  160704V

 DAY ONE am 16-03.2 VF

 We have had a fast running ride, the weather cooperating at the last minute with new snow. Unbelievable temperatures and sunshine. A somewhat all new route we find ourselves trapped by the Garden River, it is go around 15 miles or break out of the channel...where feasible. Here it is! Lets go for it!



 DAY ONE pm 

Ditch'n it with two hands pull 'n on the same side of the handle bars for all they are worth! You can hear Cliff laughing over the whistle of the turbo!


 VIDEO:  video by Clifford!   150603V

 DAY ONE am   15-06.1V

Out in the open fields, hit after hit I am humming Hendricks "Kiss the Sky"! The sleds are pounding so nicely into the new snow Banks, into the wind and "Against the Grain!"
Thankfully all the hits were soft because the snow had not firmed up! FOR HUNDREDS OF KILOMETERS!!! Yahoo!


 VIDEO:  video by Clifford!  150601V


The trail down to the North Branch has been completely eroded forcing us pun intended, to drop her off a cliff!

 VIDEO:  video by Clifford!  150504V


Yes even in Saskatchewan we have a bit of Hill Climbing! Foot hills just high enough to give you the earths curvature.

 VIDEO:  video by Clifford!  131202V


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