Duck Lake to Nisbet Forest 03-03



  • Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest & around outlaying country side and communities.
  • Transportation for up to 4 persons included unless otherwise specified.
  • Head to toe gear available as required.
  • Each individuals meals, fuel & oil extra, + + as required unless specified otherwise.
  • Pricing for Full Day Nisbet Forest Cross Country Tours
  • A Good Reason to let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!      





SNOCRUISE will drive your snowmobile for you, if we have to cross a road way.

SNOCRUISE will check with you often, to make sure your gear and your snowmobile is functioning properly.

SNOCRUISE will stop often so you can communicate with your friends and family!

SNOCRUISE is there when you get stuck! Getting stuck is half the fun!

SNOCRUISE is always there at just the right time to take some snaps for you that you can share with the world!

If you need us to pick something up at the store SNOCRUISE can help!

If your feeling like you are in over your head just wave! SNOCRUISE is there to help!

If you need someone to call home and make excuses, or set the VCR, SNOCRUISE can do that too!

SNOCRUISE always, when ever possible, tries to end our day with a nice Sunset.

December 26, 2002

We get unloaded just off the hiway near the "Road from Duck Lake to Prince Albert".

While the sleds are warming up we go over the gear and snowmobile operation, we will be driving them for real inside of a few minutes!

Then We pull out onto Adamson Lake and stop and recheck the gear for fit and sleds controls.

Then Our next stop is down to the shore line of the South branch we rode a trial and route down out of the Nisbet hills on a route that likely was a river crossing by barge in the late 1800's.

In the U.K. it doesn't get cold enough for ice to form on the Thames River.

On the U.K. coast line it doesn't get cold enough for the Atlantic to freeze either!

unloading, stopping by the South Branch we cut through a section of the Nisbet.

go around a portion of the forest on some surrounding back road corridors.

We stop at this old
homestead for a energizer of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The guyz and
galz are getting into this snowmobiling thing pretty well, family style.

We park out back out of a little southerly breeze and energize with some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We p
ull out of the Nisbet, and head into a rolling stubble there any other kind you would rather be in!


Hey where did you guys go? There's no hills to hide behind in Saskatchewan! Snocruise must be using trick photography!

Dad goes first and gets some air time!

Even the youngest of the family can get it done!

Like father like son!

Mom has those skis in the air!

Then a little ditch riding. And yes we were just pounding some "BANKS" get 'n some air time to boot! 

We stop by another homestead that is slowly disappearing.

Then And yes we have a winner here, someone who was seriously thinking of canceling! And much to her amazement found she could operate a snowmobile with out any problem, the whole the family was pretty happy!

Along a little lost lake in the Nisbet we have an outdoor BBQ  while the sun is setting. Where else in the world could you enjoy this winter outdoors and actually not see another snowmobiler all day long?

The late after noon shadows are creeping in.

Having a little fun in the snow!

Then We stop for a nice
sunset snap on out way back to our unloading point near Adamson lake.