February rides


Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?






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22-08V Nisbet 101 here we go! 2020 Clavet Vintage Derby.



22-06 Nisbet Forest to the Max !!!!



 20-08V The 2020 Clavet Vintage Derby.


19-05V The Macdowall Vintage Ovals


17-07V  The 2017 Clavet Vintage Derby.


17-06 The Macdowall Vintage Ovals


16-06  A family ride up thru Nisbet Forest!


16-05   The first vintage oval race in Macdowall!


15-09 Searching for the Green Lake Trail

15-08 Duck Lake, South Branch to the Nisbet!


15- 06/07 A ferry crossing on the North Branch!


15-05 We are about to enter the North Branch!


14-11  Repairs on the go!


14-10  Holy Cat Tails! Who is vacuuming these things out?


14-09 The Laird rally 2014!


14- 07/08   Trees, trees and more trees!


13-09  Research and development while riding a 700 Vmax!

13-08 Planted in the trees!


 13-05/13-06 In search of the Lost Hiway!


 11-05 Stuck again and again!


 10-03V   Gong show, repairs, cannot meet up, yada yada yada good grief one day to forget!


 10-02V   Group to St. Louis


 09-04 Cross country drift pound 'n


 08-06 Headed into the forest.


07-13 Ride of a lifetime! Yikes!


07-12 Storm 'n... in the hole!


07-11  We get the girls out for a ride!


07-10  A group from France in the Nisbet


06-06  We take a breather on the Green Lake trail


06-05 A good look at some pretty amazing river riding!


05-11 Roddick Cabin Riding with the Momz & Kidz


05-08  A chap from Drumheller rides with us!


05-06  We ride Laird country


 05-05 Nothing like our freeze dried H2O



04-11 Rock 'in Polaris Twin.


04-10 Last chance to get fuel for 80 miles!


 04-08 Pounding some banks near Birch Hills


03-10 Feb 22 It is -34C and we are on the St. Louis derby


03-09 Feb 18 In the Montrose dunes


03-08 Feb 9th Visiting Lobstick Cabin


99-09 On the Nisbet Boundary Trail


 99-08 The site of the Holbein tower


  99-07 Riding the 1885 Trail to PA


 99-06  Limping in off of Okemasis Lake


98-07 Crack 'in blow-throughs on the Green Lake Trail


 97-08 Shellbrook via Laird derby


 95-13 Marcelin homesteads


94-12 Back to Marcelin




 92-10  Marcelin Derby time!