Ride with the Boyz

La Colle Falls to the James Smith Reserve.


  •   Advanced Overnight  cross country package -4 person minimum.  Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest around outlaying country side and communities.

  • Transportation for 4 persons and all  gear  fully included. Each individuals fuel and oil extra as required.

  • A  Good Reason  to let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!



SNOCRUISE   route from
 CHOICELAND   over to





The folks at James Smith have drag racing and a derby coming up see our  CALENDAR  for details
We arrive at the Weldon ferry crossing.
The Old
 Weldon  Crossing

It is 2:05 pm @ 62 miles/
100KMs.    WHAT TO DO?

This is an unexpected  shocker At the WELDON Ferry crossing.

No ICE ROAD first time ever I've heard or seen this!

Looking West.

Looking East.

We've been
 HERE BEFORE  and it didn't look like THIS!


At 62 miles I'm @ 1/2 tank, most others under 1/4 tank.

Looking North.

2:28 pm, a detour is located.

This is a plaque commemorating the fur trade fort built by the French in 1750.

Fuel up at James Smith Reserve 4:19 pm


Switch Back 700 *

Cross Fire 1000*


V-Max Silver

35L/80 miles

36L/80 miles

45L/80 miles

47.5L/80 miles*

56L/80 miles**

A Little Extra Excitement, That Just Adds to a Good Cross Country Riding Experience

*A link to this sled and others will be built in the future, this Polaris deserves substantial credit for having good solid power and amazing fuel economy. It was the TAIL GUNNER in the group for the 2 days partly due to under the weather operator issues not of his own accord, but just the same, ran well and got very good fuel economy. Some interesting aftermarket products under the hood got everyone's attention.

*This sled also got everyone's attention, including the owners! Pulling a wheelie at will, at just about any speed we were traveling at! The owner was particularly impressed with the 80 miles.....and it did not run out! And I remember the double take................yea the trip is estimated at 100 to 125 miles one way, not 2 ways!! It turned out to be 135 right to Choiceland.

* This F-6 ran out of fuel a few miles out of the James Smith gas station. At that point approximately half of a 5 liter jug of fuel was added. At the pumps it was reported that it only took about 43 liters to fill. It's fuel tank is rated at 50 liters full. You do the math, it seems it ran out of fuel with technically 5 still in the tank.

** Your possibly wondering how we got 56 liters of fuel in a V Max rated for 45 liters full. It's pretty simple really, this sled ran out of fuel twice before we pulled up to the James Smith pumps! Pretty awesome snow conditions and peak +6C temps made the sleds harder on fuel than normal!  As marked on the map by the double * the first time it ran out, aprox. 3 liters was poured in from the F-5 tank. (so it actually took 3 liters more [38] to fill the F-5 at this first stop) Then the V Max ran out a second time and we purchased fuel from a nearby resident. At this time 5 liters was poured in. At the pumps the other half of a 5 liter jug was added. ( left over as a reserve, from a splash into the F-6) So first 3 liters in, then 5 in,  then 2.5 from the reserve can I was carrying, and a fill of 45.5 at the pumps  = 56 Liters. The V Max did get much better fuel economy on the way back. A link to more information including some minor changes Sunday morning before we headed back will be linked to this section of the web page in the future.

The next leg of the ride  MACDOWALL to CHOICELAND 12-04.3 (The James Smith Reserve to the old ferry crossing)  was much the same as this first 80 miles great snow, pretty warm and hard on the throttle, cross country conditions to the Fort A La Corne Forest. In the forest we were out of the sun and on trails that had been used a few times making them more fuel efficient. The ride through the forest after crossing the river to English Creek ( THE LOST HIGHWAY ) was not exactly fuel efficient, (the photos all have the time stamp on them) but with night closing in on us the barometries and cooler temps made the carbed sleds come to life and start to snarl back, running the fields and ditches north into Choiceland. There is probably a pretty good reason there is no pictures from English Creek to Choiceland!

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