Nisbet Forest/Stobart

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Duck Lake
town map

Duck Lake to
Shellbrook map
The Crossing Restaurant in Duck Lake

A side view of the
Duck Lake Hotel

Duck Lake region
Tourism map

Duck Lake

Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?
Know your needs and reserve your gear!








18-01V  A Nisbet Forest family ride


16-09V A nice last ride of the year?


 16-07VF The Green Lake trail leads to Fort Carlton


16-06 A Nisbet Forest family ride


16-02 F The Crossroads 


16-01 F Lobstick Lake


15-08 F Duck Lake around to Rodick Cabin


15-04 F   Riding the Hills to Crooked Lake


15-03 F Duck Lake, SK. CANADA


15-02  Lobstick Cabin


15-01 Nisbet Forest


14-16 Duck Lake thru to Nisbet Forest 


14-15 V F A little lake riding!


14-11 V F Absolutely perfect meadows!


14-10 F Vintage Iron sticking out of the snow.


14-06 V F A cross country surprise


14-03 V F Riding some small Nisbet lakes


  14-02 F Riding some pretty decent powder for December!


 13-15 Old homesteads in the prairies


 13-14  Powder meadows off the groomed trail


 13-11 Over looking the South Branch


 13-10  The Trapper Restaurant in Duck Lake


13-09 A little scouting around Chante Lake


11-05  Duck Lake to St. Louis for the Derby


10-02  Buffalo Jump to St. Louis


09-02 Dry Saskatchewan Powder


09-01 South Branch and her ice formations


07-10 -33 Celsius!


05-10 Pioneer homestead


05-05 Dry Saskatchewan Powder


03-12 Rolling sand hills near the


03-09 Duck Lake to Shellbrook via St. Louis derby


03-03 Nisbet Forest Tour 


99-11  Buffalo Jump lunch


99-10  NISBET 101


 99-07 Abandoned highway to Sleigh hills


97-11 Shellbrook vis St.Louis derby 


95-04 Ride the Buffalo Jump ravine


94-14  St. Laurent-Grandin Buffalo Jump


94-10 Shellbrook vis St.Louis derby 


94-09 Nisbet Forest and the St. Laurent-Grandin Buffalo Jump


92-03 Pioneer homestead

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