Nisbet Forest to Birch Hills 

Birch Hills town map

Macdowall to
Birch Hills map

St. Louis to
Birch Hills map


Are you fit enough to
 participate   in a cross country snowmobile ride?






Know your needs and
 reserve     your gear !
Here is the
SNOCRUISE gear available with snowmobile rentals this year.


  13-05.1 F   At least 3 feet of snow on the forest fringe out side MacDowall


 12-05.5 F  Overlooking the Forks

No Backcountry Access Float 30 Avalanche Airbag required where we're riding!


  09-04  Busting up some dry prairie powder


  04-08  Big banks near the old Adams Ferry Crossing


 04-05  Over looking the Fenton CN rail way bridge


 02-13  A little fresh air in SASKATCHEWAN!


 02-11  Just another stubble field!


 02-10  Stopping for fuel on the way


 02-09  First ride cross country to Birch Hills