Nisbet Forest to Route 66 


Know your needs and reserve your gear!

Are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?







21-01 Route 66 Test Run 101! 


20-11VF One more time lets put some miles on for a change! WE are talking close call....


20-10V  Loaded and ready to go.


20-09V OK I had to put my sled back on the truck. Really one tie wrap....Yup.


15-11/12 V F  Anglin Lake shelter


15-08 F  Running the groomed trail


14-15 V F We take to the back alleys in Duck Lake


14-14 F On the trail towards the Bell Lakes


14-13 F  A short distance from Emma Lake on Christopher Lake


14-12 F  A familiar place to stop for a breather.


14-10 F On the groomed trail near Duck Lake.


14-04 We are guided down the groomed trail with the new Ski-Doo's


14-02 F  We go down the groomed trail for orientation.


13-17  Saskatoon Snowmobile Club


 13-15  Duck Lake GALZ out for a ride!


 13-14  Duck Lake Mom and the boyz out for a ride!


13-13 A short Corporate RIDE n' LUNCH


 13-11 Duck Lake Someone is humming 99 Balloons!


 13-10   Duck Lake OK who has the trail map!


13-08 Stuck on a RIDE n' LUNCH


11-09  Emma Lake middle of nowhere, big snow!


11-08V Emma Lake riding the roads!


11-03  2012  Polaris Test Ride


 09-07  Bell Lakes


09-06  Bell Lakes Formula one!


08-04  Hague RIDE n' LUNCH


07-17 Emma Lake


07-14  Osler RIDE n' LUNCH


07-07  Heading back from Little Bear


07-06  Little Bear via Emma Lake


06-08  Emma Lake Kick ass "STORM"


05-08  To Emma Lake and back about 380 KM's


 04-10  Debden via Sturgeon Valley


03-09  Route 66 near Saskatoon


01-05  Emma Lake


00-14  Little Bear


00-13  Little Bear


00-12 Chitek Lake via Big River


99-12  Emma Lake 


99-08 Debden via Sturgeon Valley


99-03  A stop for fuel on the way to Emma Lake


98-18  Bell Lakes


 98-15 Sturgeon Valley


98-14  On the groomed trail just outside Big River


98-13  Osler RIDE n' LUNCH


98-12 Emma Lake


 98-05, Emma Lake


96-15  Green Water