16-03.1 VF
Macdowall to the Muskaday Esso

The way the bird flies:
Macdowall to the Muskaday Reserve to gas up (Noon).


16-03.2 VF
, to Choiceland.

Then zigzagged stubble and crossed the North Branch @ Cecil Ferry. We zigzagged really good stubble fields NE to find the entrance of Fort a la Corne. This will prove to be interesting, looking at our mileage I see my odometer was reading 50 miles at the entrance to the forest. We rolled into Choiceland 3 hours later at 4:30pm. It was a not record for us, how one wrong turn at Shore Gold's buildings and we ended up putting on an extra 10 or so miles, after some maps and GPS consultation we made it out. My odometer read 122 miles (197KM) as we rolled in to Choiceland.

A Choiceland Curling Senior Men's bonspiel and hot meal banquet style meal @ the rink , bring your running shoes.

We won't be watching the grass grow!

Bring Octane boost only regular fuel on this trip!