Top 10 Reasons Why A
Would Be Your Best Snowmobile Experience Ever!










  • Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest & around outlaying country side and communities.
  • Transportation for up to 4 persons included unless otherwise specified.
  • Head to toe gear available as required.
  • Each individuals meals, fuel & oil extra, + + as required unless specified otherwise.
  • Pricing for Full Day Nisbet Forest Cross Country Tours
  • A Good Reason to  let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!      

1. Because happy customers with smiling faces and high fives are good signs and this is only the beginning of a rewarding snowmobile experience. These happy customers have taken the worry out of the sports MECHANICAL adventurous ins and outs. Let an experienced SNOCRUISE guide direct your TOUR group to a ride of a lifetime. It is when you see our TOUR customers actually Embrace Saskatchewan that we really start to get teary eyed! No where else in the world do I see such a pose, or reaction to this experience captured in pictures! See our SMILING FACES > Thumbs Up > embracing Saskatchewan.

2. Because at SNOCRUISE every tour is successful, SNOCRUISE customers get to see some unbelievably diverse scenic country side, which is unlike any other snowmobiling environment in the whole world. Look at LANDMARKS to see some snaps from our favorite riding areas. Nisbet Forest in Saskatchewan is loaded with nuggets of HISTORY and artifacts that will stir up the imagination on every trail or 17th century FREEWAY way we encounter!

3. Because we first discuss your needs and with our experience, suggest where to go, how long it will take to get there, we will hand sketch a quick map of what route is the most sensible to take and potentially what adjustments have to be made to make the day a success for you to savor for years to come! TOURS. Once on the trail we will consult with you as options pop up about all aspects of the ride!

4. Because SNOCRUISE has this flexibility we can adapt and find out what is important and what...

snowmobiling means...

to each individual person. So our job is to use that information and work it into your tour. It helps to share our large archives of snowmobile tours and photos of snowmobiling in Saskatchewan assemble objectives for your snowmobile fantasies! TRAIL RIDES ARCHIVES.

5. Because SNOCRUISE is not commercialized with a set path to follow up and back down the same exact trail in Saskatchewan, we are able to customize each TOUR to suit our customers needs and experience. Like spokes extending from an old wagon wheel, a SNOCRUISE TOUR can unload and take off in any direction from any starting place!

6. Because when you take a snowmobile TOUR with SNOCRUISE we not only supply you with a snowmobile...

...we also provide Orientation! Orientation...what's that you ask?

 Leave it to SNOCRUISE to supply you with the most user friendly, easy to OPERATE, consistent, RELIABLE, lightweight and WARM machines complete with a SAFE orientation available in Saskatchewan. TOUR SLEDS.

7.   Because when you take a snowmobile TOUR with SNOCRUISE we also supply you with head to toe gear, we donít just borrow ill fitting gear from friends and neighbors for you to use just on the day of the tour, we outfit you with head to toe with gear ahead of time so you can practice with the helmets and and properly sanitized breath deflectors that actually work. GEAR for details. (Just like scuba diving, if you canít see you canít go)

8.  Because going out on your own and having to call the R.C.M.P. in Saskatchewan for DIRECTIONS when you donít know where you are is a little embarrassing. Because after a day in this unmarked, poorly charted Nisbet Forest back country, in Saskatchewan you may start to exhibit symptoms, reflective of someone experiencing   "THE 4 LETTER 'L' WORD" ! You brought a new fangled device along which is called a GPS and it says you are at point A. You need to get to point C. But there is a huge impassable ravine of solid timber in between at point B. The gas gauge on your sled has just dropped to point E! Maybe you can walk through the timber out of this forest on your own? Is the rest of your group anxious to share this fate! There is something to be said about knowing your way around in the forest!

9.   Because by taking a SNOCRUISE TOUR in Saskatchewan you are going to save you $$$$$!, hmmÖhow you may ask?
When you are on a
SNOCRUISE TOUR we will periodically check over the snowmobiles, including watching for excessive snow accumulation at many critical locations, which could effectively cause serious physical or mechanical dilemmas if left unnoticed by a RENTAL Newbie!  A SNOCRUISE TOUR will take you into a wonderful riding area, where you will not hit a ROCK, here is a link to some GEOLOGY MAPS. Also while on TOUR SNOCRUISE at the end of the day will also take care of loading the snowmobiles. This would save RENTAL newbieís from accidentally stacking them on the trailer! The snowmobiles are much easier to load and unload if they are not stacked! Unfortunately the RENTAL Newbie's who have stacked them in the past have not provided any pictures for us to publish for your amusement!

10   Because while on TOUR
SNOCRUISE will make sure that you will see some landmarks, panoramic sights, vintage Iron or Homesteads. This would be much better than spending your valuable holiday time back tracking your RENTAL to some dead ends, tight impassable trails for the whole day. We hear this story often! And what did you see? And where did you go? Wasnít that fun?