$$$$$! 101



SNOCRUISE will drive your snowmobile for you, if we have to cross a road way.

SNOCRUISE will check with you often, to make sure your gear and your snowmobile is functioning properly.

SNOCRUISE will stop often if you wish, so you can communicate with your friends and family!

SNOCRUISE is there when you get stuck! Getting stuck
is half the fun!

SNOCRUISE is always there at just the right time to take some snaps for you that you can share with the world!

If your feeling like you are in over your head just wave!
SNOCRUISE is there to help!

SNOCRUISE always, when ever possible, tries to end our day with a nice
Sunset .




  • Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest & around outlaying country side and communities.
  • Transportation for up to 4 persons included unless otherwise specified.
  • Head to toe gear available as required.
  • Each individuals meals, fuel & oil extra, + + as required unless specified otherwise.
  • Pricing for Full Day Nisbet Forest Cross Country Tours
  • A Good Reason to let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!      

9. Because by going on a TOUR SNOCRUISE is going to save you $$$$$!
Hmm…...how may YOU ask?

While on a SNOCRUISE TOUR we will make sure that safe engine operation is observed during warm up and after a fuel up. Some people find this information both interesting and educational. (In our 20 years + of operation we have had more engine damage while sleds were out on RENTAL than all other kinds of damage combined.) We have never had engine damage while our sleds are out on TOUR, just some simple steps and crucial things to watch for during and after fueling up provides for an exceptional snowmobile experience. Now that we have such a large spread between the quality of our Ethanol and Premium fuel snowmobiler's have to be more conscientious than ever before.

b)  A SNOCRUISE TOUR will take you into a wonderful riding area, where you will not hit a ROCK, a rock could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. $$$$$!
We have had one RENTAL customer hit a big rock next to the town of Wroxton, Saskatchewan! Imagine the irony in that happening!)

This is a photo during the reassembly of the whole front clip of a 2 year old sled being replaced in 2003! Yuck!

Here is a link to some GEOLOGY MAPS. which is not absolute, but gives you some guidelines to go by. 




These rocks are only a mile or so out of Osler Saskatchewan! Do you really want to ride near there?

c) During a TOUR, SNOCRUISE checks the snowmobiles, under normal or especially under extreme and unusually heavy winter conditions, your guide will inspect the sleds periodically.
SNOCRUISE knows what to watch for, and will watch for excessive snow accumulation at many critical locations, which could effectively cause serious physical or mechanical dilemmas costing potential thousands of dollars if left unnoticed by a Newbie RENTAL customer! $$$$$!
SNOCRUISE guide will check for snow build up on the hoods, on the air intake to the engines, (so the engine does not suffocate and seize from water ingestion. $$$$$! RENTAL! RENTAL!, one in 23 years read all about it!)
SNOCRUISE will also check for snow build up on the running boards (so your feet have a place to safely give you a good footing) and seat backs and tail lights (to provide the best visibility possible under given conditions).

d)   At the end of the day a SNOCRUISE  TOUR guide will also take care of loading the snowmobiles. This would save newbie’s from accidentally stacking them on the trailer! $$$$$!
The snowmobiles are much easier to load and unload if they are not stacked! Unfortunately the Newbie
RENTAL customers who have stacked them in the past have not provided any pictures for us to publish for your amusement!

e) Because SNOCRUISE will be there if you want to go into the real deep snow, and will assist you if you get stuck. SNOCRUISE will not stand by and watch you spin the track down thru the snow, thawing the frozen earth completely smoking and destroying an expensive rubber track.$$$$$!
(One in 23 years [A RENTAL story] and we know the story but still to this day cannot even imagine it!)
As unimaginable as it may seem, this RENTAL customer was stuck in a couple feet of dry -30 Saskatchewan powder for 2-3 hours! Jumping up and down on the back of the machine with it's engine revving W.O.T. for a couple hours instead of digging it out, there must have been black earth, dirt and chunks of rubber track scattered for hundreds of feet all over the snow behind this snowmobile.

f) Because your SNOCRUISE TOUR guide will make every effort to avoid cutting across the corner of an intersection in the city, smoking a curb blowing out some trailer tires, then arriving an hour away at the forest with the trailer, one side down with the rims rolled up over the hubs ...well…really $$$$$! You really think I would blow out trailer tires in the city then only notice this “Cops reality TV” fire ball of sparks after I stopped an hour later at the staging area in the forest. You have to be kidding to even ask! (But yes RENTAL!)

All of our trailers are up on full size radial tires. Most of our trailers have newer galvanized rims.

Returning the trailer with a rim like this only means one thing! $$$$$!

g)  Because if your SNOCRUISE  TOUR guide was to conceivably actually run out of trail (Please tell us how this could possibly happen in Saskatchewan), forcing you to drive down the paved highway to get back to the staging area, your guide would be on the hook for all the damaged and expensive melted off carbide ski runners and skis etc etc!

h) Because if your SNOCRUISE  TOUR guide is SAFE relative to the environment you are in: That being said PASSING the TOUR GUIDE and failing to USE HAND SIGNALS will mean $50.00 on the VISA! We will gladly keep track of this information for you!
This little video on YOU TUBE  will show you something that effects your HEART RATE and BREATHING and likely for obvious reasons will not happen in Saskatchewan!


i) That leaves our friend Mickey, because your SNOCRUISE guide is going to be the TOUR POLICEMAN and will insist that Mickey stay home! Would you like to see our top 10 reasons why you should not take Mickey on a snowmobile trip with you!

As your tour guide, I can and will enforce this, hey there is peer pressure, but I will make the ride safe when you would personally rather not have to do this.

  • RENTAL Customer with MICKEY in your pocket.



RENTAL Yup straight off the trail into the willows! Everything you see in this picture was bent except the front bumper, the swaybar and the shocks? RENTAL

Not our nightmare but this burnt sled was up against a tree back in the day.

Enjoy your Mickey when you are done riding your Snorod across the countryside thru the trees and across the frozen lakes.
Have you seen Wikipedia's version of snowmobiling lately?
 click here > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowmobile