SNOCRUISE will drive your snowmobile for you, if we have to cross a road way.

SNOCRUISE will check with you often, to make sure your gear and your snowmobile is functioning properly.

SNOCRUISE will stop often if you wish, so you can communicate with your friends and family!

SNOCRUISE is there when you get stuck! Getting stuck  is half the fun!

SNOCRUISE is always there at just the right time to take some snaps for you that you can share with the world!

If your feeling like you are in over your head just wave! SNOCRUISE is there to help!

SNOCRUISE always, when ever possible, tries to end our day with a nice
Sunset .

Nothing like some Tracks across the Nisbet Forest area countryside. A absolute novelty for most of the North American continent! It is absolutely the lightest most environmentally renewable foot print man could leave on the whole planet. A foot print that disappears every spring and with naturally occurring changes in the landscape begging to have a new set of tracks every fall!

Our new tracks in a Nisbet meadow.

Sweet tracks in between islands.

Our tracks down the
North Branch headed to the Crutwell crossing.

Our tracks out of the Shell River valley near Vant Creek.

Tracks in a Nisbet meadow.

Tracks on one of the small rivers in the area.

Here is a nice
Snow Bank...that needs a few tracks!

Mission accomplished!

Tracks across a stubble field  full of those dangerous bales!

Our tracks cresting the super aggressive blown in back road  corridors.

Our tracks on the border of the Nisbet Forest in the forest fringe area.

Tracks across the rolling fields near the
Meadows in the Forest fringe area.

A nice place to make tracks in the rolling hills.

Making power turn tracks in the deep powder.

Making some tracks, spinning around on the ice of the South Branch.

Here is an Interesting set of tracks as the sled left the trail and went off a cliff into the trees!

This set of tracks shows you what happens when you fly to close to the sun!

Heading over the eskers back into the Nisbet Forest here the trail and snowmobile tracks is just about completely covered by the wind blown snow.

Carving some
Oval Tracks into a stubble field.

This meadow has so many tracks, we refer it to as "Cutting the Grass"!

Then there is
hill climbing...even in Saskatchewan !


All kinds of tracks!

Railway beds & tracks around the Nisbet area.





SIGHTSEEING is one thing, but are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?