Weyakwin Lake 91-03/04/05



  • Lots and lots of Km's through Nisbet Forest & around outlaying country side and communities.
  • Transportation for up to 4 persons included unless otherwise specified.
  • Head to toe gear available as required.
  • Each individuals meals, fuel & oil extra, + + as required unless specified otherwise.
  • Pricing for Full Day Nisbet Forest Cross Country Tours
  • A Good Reason to let let a SNOCRUISE Tour Guide Lead the Way!      







March 31, April 1 & 2, 1991


We stop to stretch on Hi-Way 11 north of Prince Albert about half way to Weyakwin. That is Montreal Lake in the back ground on the horizon.

Not far down the trail on the first warm day yours truly...

...has already managed to slid off the trail on the +5 marbles!

We take this trail SW of Weyakwin that takes us across the road then onto "Drag Race Lake"

Ok and Percy warned us that there was a spring feeding this lake, first I get bogged down then MR 81SS parks right on the gushing 1 foot ice fishing hole in the snow swelling with water from below.

 Water skipping 101!!

Making a bunch of passes the other guys mash the snow into water so we have a chance of spinning our way out thru the slush out here on the ice below.

OK after our wet to the knees adventure we head back to South Bay and our cabin to warm up.

We stop along the way to look at this trappers cabin. Geez were not even cold anymore hmmm...

Ya ya just don't put your pants to close to the chimney or you will melt them.

Now that we are feeling so warm dry and toasty I think we will go out for a spin on South Bay and entertain a couple hundred school kids who are up for the afternoon ice fishing.

Wrong, bad move we entertained them alright after this barrel roll (multiple times I might add, same incident though) that smashed the hood all to you know what!

We were (I WAS)given a standing ovation mind you for the high speed maneuvers thru the slush and snow on South Bay!

Just lucky there was no serious injury, times have changed.


Day 2
time...who knows but we have circled around on Cheeyas Lake to an exit off the middle west side.

Near here we come across an old Chevy parked in the bush! What a story, how did it get here?

Then there is the always well meaning friendly gesture!

Stuck in a large snow bank just off the lake.

And we actually stop to eat. By hiding bears deep in the snow I am able to keep a reserve going to last me the day.

And this guy was wanting to know where I kept finding the beers!

On the afternoon of the 2dnd day the temps were up but the open lakes were cool and windy.

Who knows if it was this lake, where I discovered I had lost my camera AGAIN man and a quick loop of the lake didn't turn it up,

...but heading out on the next trail I lead and found it in like 50'! Just about got rear ended in the process!

That Coors bag hung in there for 3 days, keeping it up on the tank was murder.

Yours truly has over sped this trail resulting in both skis folded in at the middle.


Day 3 we start the morning off with a hearty barley breakfast!

There's that Coors bag.

We head up Weyakwin Lake past a big ice heave and travel up the Weyakwin River.

Coming back down the river yours truly goes into a pretty fast ice skid into some trees sticking out of the river bank. Ouch more damage

Dented up some running board and lower rear belly pan, didn't get to exited about waving my right arm around for a while either!

Some one gets stuck inside the River bay looking out onto the lake thru the trees.

Where's all your sign gestures now?

Did I hear someone say help?

OK so someone is going to help him.

Now after a launch like that you should just roll out and glide up onto the snow.

Nope WOT digging in.

May be another swig of that wine skin will help!

Man I have no memory of this photo,

...but I see in the close up that someone is down on the ground!

This was a particularly large tree in a forest of small stuff on the East side of the lake.

And to top it off this tree showed a lot of evidence of being burnt al long time ago.

OK if you open your mouth I will spray in the contents from my wine skin! You get the picture!

Out of the forest the snow pack still remains on the trail everyone had been using.

Back in the bush the snow is fine!

Can't stay in the saddle hey!

Holy there is...

..a lot going..

...on in these photos!

SIGHTSEEING is one thing, but are you fit enough to participate  in a cross country snowmobile ride?