700 TRIPLE 121 
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Know your needs and reserve your gear! After Orientation we stop once in a while to check the fit and adjustment of your gear and your snowmobile.



























































































































Yamaha 700 Triple 115 HP  "Silver"  

"SILVER"  700 Triple





 18-06VF,  17-08 F, 16-07VF,
16-02F,  14-15VF,  14-11VF,  14-07/08 F,
13-16 F,   13-12V,   13-11PM,  13-09,    13-05/06 F,
12-04/05 F

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Hang on to some 45 degree handle bar hooks that face back slightly, so you don't get turned into the trees on contact like I did LOL, Lean over in the corner and pinch the flipper as hard as you can dragsters be warned a V-Max on rails is coming around the Oval! LOL

14-15 VF


Lone Ranger's
Oct-Dec 1953


Formula one 101 LOL

Our 2011 Addition
Triple "Silver"

Equipped with a 121  track, this 121" x 1.5"  track this Yamaha is very versatile and matched up to the rarely sold but constantly duplicated Yamaha XTC-Powder special model.  Out on the trail she is warm, and with the wide long travel XT front suspension this sled is "UP to PAR!" Very stable and can provide some decent lake speed!
  • Warm snowmobiles that have an actual cowling, windscreen and some mass between you and the elements. We don't control the Weather, so the benefits of our snowmobiles would not be obvious until you take the time to think! This fleet of Yamahas are equipped to deal with all kinds of weather.

  • Raised handlebars with handlebar hooks, make the bars wider for better Ergonomics, for leverage and a higher position for standing, so you can change your riding position safely.

  • Our 700  Silver  is equipped with a 1.5" x 121" light weight TRACK for that little extra floatation should she follow up the pack with extra fuel of supplies.

  • Not just performance precise Handling Skis, but these models incorporate the latest DUALLY or WOODYS dual carbide ski runners, expensive, however the results, when you encounter a rutted trail is just astonishing. On a lighter sled you would think that we've added power steering. (a new snowmobile feature for 2011 on a $17,000.00 machine)

  • They also have electric gas gauges and electric plugs for heated visors, more of our customers are showing up with their own helmets which are with heated visors, a couple customers bring just the heated visor and attach it to our helmets!

  • These sleds are also equipped with a hatchet and a bow saw just in case your trail is blocked with some light dead fall, or you decide to do the outdoors BBQ.

  • What does she weight?


  • These models are all equipped with the long travel smooth riding suspensions.

  • Yamaha designed these models by pushing the envelope, and industry standards with a wide stable 42"+ center to center ski stance.


  • The front suspension has 9 full inches of travel.


  • The fully coupled rear suspension has a full 11.5" of vertical travel, not a deceiving pivoting travel measurement.


The rigid but lightweight DELTA BOX, DIE CAST,  flat handling, aluminum chassis that has supported over a 100 models, a whole generation of good snowmobiles, until the very recent 4 stroke chassis changes.

  • We equip all of our sleds with mandatory cross country skidplates.  Skid plates on all our sleds just because... a skid plate will absolutely minimize damage, like a shark bite only different!

  • True ONE FINGER hydraulic disk brakes.

  • Great Ergonomics, handle bars that steer from a point closer to the shoulder than the waist, and foot rests where you can lock in with your toes, for a secure ride.

  • Easy to pull throttle, heated grips and heated throttle that are still the envy of the industry.

  • These models are also equipped with warm full height windshields.

 Yamaha pictured here


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