What Does Snowmobiling
Mean To YOU?

You could say that  SNOCRUISE's tours are all custom.
We customize our tours for a number of reasons.
First we start with YOU the customer, we treat you like one of the
GOOD OL' BOYS, or one of the GOOD OL'...oops!!...GALS...from here we sit down and discuss all the options available to us, so we can help YOU achieve the Adventure of your life time!
By taking a tour, SNOCRUISE could possibly save you from some of the dangerous Hazards that exist only in Saskatchewan! BEEN THERE DONE THAT!                 

We find out whether you are after a Sight seeing cruise, or are your Abilities leaning towards a little more Racy motor head SNOCRUISE atmosphere?
With SNOCRUISE it's all about putting a
SMILE on your face!
You could not make us any happier!

Does the old pioneer Homesteads in the area interest you?      

Does some of the Old iron in the area seem intriguing?     

Would you like to cross over some small Lakes,
or the Saskatchewan Rivers, or travel down one for a while?   

Riding at night is another cool part of snowmobiling in the
Nisbet Forest, would you like to ride After dark?                

We use our 20 plus years of experience to adjust and allow for the weather, pick lunch stops, whether it's a cafe in a Small town near the forest, or SNOCRUISE's BBQ'N, "back in the bush" roughing it!
How has the
Saskatchewan Weather effected our SNOCRUISE tours in the past?

And it's our experience, that you can bet, that getting you Stuck is part of the equation..........................and half the SNOCRUISE fun!

And it's also our experience, that you can bet, that getting    "_ _ _ _ " is not  part of the equation!
At SNOCRUISE we feel that the mystery and the  intrigue of the No-Rock Nisbet is a huge part of the adventure that embraces those who experience this part of
It is that 4 letter  "L"  word that we do hear about from time to time, that will get folks out in the forest on their own with out direction or a heading that will lead them out through the "other side".
Sometimes it pays to ride Nisbet with someone who knows their way around!

HOW can you contact us? You can email or phone us at SNOCRUISE.  All our SNOCRUISE tours and rentals are booked in advance. A get together for the required documentation, snowmobile orientation, outfitting, and for example, a simple instruction on how to operate the  NO-FOG breath deflector is probably a great idea. Just like scuba diving...... if you are fogged up and can't see, you can't go. We hope a pretty cool little SNOCRUISE tour is in the cards for you! Once we meet and get a sense of your abilities and adventure, we encourage you to flex your limbs and hang on!  Safety is our highest priority, and our rides are tailored to individual needs. The trails progress slowly into Rolling fields, allowing anyone to "acquire a feel" for operating a snowmobile.  For example we could  unload near Duck Lake and proceed thru the forest stopping at a picturesque location such as one of the Carlton Trail Cabins. We stop once in a while to check the fit and adjustment of Your Gear and your snowmobile. With in a few kilometers  we take a heading N NW of  Duck lake and crisscross marked and unmarked wilderness trails through the NISBET FOREST. 

WHERE  In a radius of approximately one hour from Saskatoon SNOCRUISE supplies everything including return ground transportation. We'll make the Nisbet Forest the hub of our snowmobile adventures , the Geology of the area explains why we ride there, there's a good reason we like to call it NO ROCK NISBET.  It's incidental that this area is loaded with History, the history of the North-West Rebellion, a series of battles that occurred here.  It's both a privilege and a heck of an experience to SNOCRUISE in 95,000 acres of prime forest adjacent to both the North and South Saskatchewan River valleys. Canyons and hundreds of Km's of trails offer riding and scenery for all levels. Newcomers to Saskatchewan will discover they can make there own Tracks, a phenomena not available to snowmobilers elsewhere!  Image riding off the official groomed trail, making your own Tracks for virtually the whole day! SNOCRUISE's popular one day Cross-country rides are through Nisbet Forest which is surrounded by Saskatchewan river valleys and 100's of miles of trails. The routes are endless, no 2 tours are alike!  Look at some example under the "TRAIL RIDES header button" as we get them posted!

WHEN  Would you like to SNOCRUISE? How about when we have snow! Call for conditions! The conditions in Nisbet Forest is usually completely different than what you see one hour south in Saskatoon.

 WHAT Kind of SNOCRUISE tour would suite you best?  Have a look at some of the options posted, use your imagination a little, think about a theme and put yourself in Another world.  Check out some snaps of previous SNOCRUISE tours and put your self into the drivers seat and lets go!

OTHER SASKATCHEWAN WINTER OPTIONS The potential to include other activities  exists depending on your time constrains! If you have the time to experience an overnighter we can accommodate you! We could even arrange for a hockey game or you could maybe play a couple ends of Curling....(a game played on flat ice with round granite looking rocks with handles protruding!)  Some people like to include a Historic touch by SNOCRUISING the original Carlton Trail to Fort Carlton for a original photo opp!  On a full day tour we could make a Small town a destination for lunch or we could arrange for an out door BBQ.

Making your very own Tracks! Only in Saskatchewan!

Waltham Massachusetts,   Corporate newbie's!

Transportation for 4 persons and all gear fully included. Each individuals fuel and oil extra as required.

Know your needs and reserve your
Here is the gear available with snowmobile rentals this year.  We have various sizes available .

  • HJC Full Face Helmets

  • NO FOG masks

  • 2 piece suits

  • Winter boots


If you have questions or comments please contact us by:

Data text only 306-227-8780

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Box 25043 RPO R1
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 8B7

E-Mail us at:

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Would Be Your Best Snowmobile Experience Ever!

SNOCRUISE Tour Rental Formalities and Requirements

  • HJC full face helmets and No Fog masks included

  • Snowmobile suits included - a good selection is available. when you book be sure to reserve your gear.

  • Orientation is a part of tours and available for rentals.

  • Hand and thumb warmers on all models

  • Meals, Fuel and oil extra

  • Liability waiver and tour agreement documentation

  • Security Authorization of $1500.00 Optional: $30.00/day assurance for $750.00 snowmobile collision minimum Visa/MC 


Here is the SNOCRUISE gear available on our snowmobile tours this year. We have various sizes available .
Know your needs and
Reserve your gear!

SNOCRUISE will drive your snowmobile for you, if we have to cross a road way.

SNOCRUISE will check with you often,
after Orientation to make sure your Gear and your Snowmobile is functioning properly.

SNOCRUISE will stop often if you wish, so you can communicate with your friends and family!

SNOCRUISE is there when you get
Stuck! Getting stuck
is half the fun!

SNOCRUISE is always there at just the right time to take some snaps for you that you can share with the world!

If your feeling like you are in over your head just wave!
SNOCRUISE is there to help!

SNOCRUISE always, when ever possible, tries to end our day with a nice Sunset .