Our SNOCRUISE Performance Precise Handling Skis
and the latest DUALLY or WOODYS
Dual Carbide Ski Runners

Know your needs and reserve your gear!

Not just performance precise handling skis, but these models incorporate the latest DUALLY or WOODYS dual carbide ski runners, expensive, however the results, when you encounter a rutted trail is just astonishing.

On a lighter sled you would think that we've added power steering. (a new snowmobile feature for 2011 on a $17,000.00 machine)

These carbides also widen not necessarily the "ski stance" of the snowmobile so equipped but they do widen the bite...the outside to outside carbide measurements. The BITE is a measurement that you can feel by "the seat of the your pants". If you are a  Driver  then you would of noticed when the main manufactures changed from 38" center-to-center ski stance, then to 40", then from 41" to 43" in '99. Our PROACTION Yamahas were manufactured with a 42.3" ski stance. Converted  Evolved  for 136 and 141" cross-country duty our mountain Yamahas have been bumped up to 42" also.

The effectiveness "of the bite" is also by nature based on the snowmobiles "ability" to dial in "said bite" with chassis adjustments...and good skis and carbides of course. But really what good is good skis and carbides if your skis are always up in the air or lifting one ski every time you go around a corner! Our  Suspension  page will touch on "coupled rear suspensions", and their cross-country importance.

Check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO: On Youtube somebody's Snowmobile trip lasted one minute and 50 seconds  first this unlucky dude found his skis did not bite but appeared to skid over the snow like a dish pan then at the last minute biting in and high centering the snowmobile up on one ski......not looking good, an attempt to ski out of the high centre, common to the newer machines that find you sitting up "On the Tank", she now lines right up with a tree. Man trees like that are not moving anytime soon. This is going to hurt!!

Let me recite another bizarre snowmobile rarity, a well publicized, Manufactures engineering defect. A new ski touted as the best thing since sliced bread...when infact, the ski only works well on the groomed trail, add a generous addition of new overnight snow and the skis actually pack full between the dual keels. What happens next is "you do not turn" when you are supposed to. You have the steering laid over anticipating the turn, and your snowmobile never bites. You head straight into the trees or over a cliff. These are all worst case scenarios, but a real event is real enough for me.

Pick you skis carefully.

We started with some of the original rocker shaped performance skis from the beginning.

The addition of these Duallys on our Fire Cat were like night and day. SNOW TECH articles referred to crucial adjustments, and then at a later date these Dually carbides were added.  (installed at the 4000 mile mark) And no the original carbides are not shot! I had been sitting on these carbides for over a year. I finally installed them for the trip to Little Bear in '07! What a miracle, buds commented that Yours truly rode the Fire Cat into the corner for the first time like other sleds we've had in the stable.

This extraordinary ski saver set up is NOT used on any Snocruise snowmobiles!

Not just just any, but our very own favorite and efficient TRACKS!!
A link to
 track, but fairly aggressive trail tracks that are good off trail in the Nisbet  Forest and suitable for the occasional run down the groomed trail.  It is important that the front end and back end of the snowmobile are somewhat balanced.
NOTE: JFYI none of SNOCRUISE's  snowmobiles require skis that look like they belong on an airplane!